Ring Sizing, Conversion and Restoration services available. Contact us for details.


If you need an extended period of time to purchase your desired piece(s) of jewelry. We are happy to assist you with an item valued greater than $300. We are a small business and rely on sales to remain successful, layaway is extended as a courtesy and is a binding agreement to purchase your chosen piece(s).

Layaway Agreement: Plan A: 1/3 deposit of the total purchase price will be required to begin the layaway plan and two equal 1/3 payments due every 30 days thereafter. Plan B: 1/2 deposit of the total purchase price will be required to begin the layaway plan, and one equal payment due within 60 days. All payments must be received within your chosen plan days of the layaway agreement. Contact us to set up a layaway.

Layaway Terms: All terms must be met as outlined.

1. Deposit and Prior Payments: No deposits or prior installment payments will be refunded if you default on the terms of the layaway.

2. Due Date: It will be solely the purchasers responsibility to make each payment on the scheduled due date(s).

3. Early Pay Off: You may pay the entire balance at anytime during the term of the agreement.

4. Late Payments: Late payments or insufficient funds will result in default of the terms and all of the deposit and prior payments will be forfeited.

Payments are considered late if not received within 24 hours of the due date, a day begins at 12am CST/CDT.

Special Requests: If sizing, conversions or repairs are requested, these services will not be started until the layaway is completely paid in full.